We are stopped for today and will continue on tomorrow. I just can’t go anymore today. I am worn OUT.

Today has been very busy and full of problems with timing and doing what 6 other people want, and trying to mesh that with what I can do legally. LOL

I was very surprised this morning when we rolled into our delivery at 630am…..I backed into the dock door to unload and I was second in line to check in and hand over my paperwork. An unloader asked if I was from a certain shipper, and I told him yes. While the office guy was checking us in, that unloader told him they were FINISHED unloading my truck and to sign me OUT. WOW, I have been unloaded FAST, but in ten minutes, even before I had a chance to go back to the truck to wait? And the most incredible thing was – it was at a GROCERY warehouse – you know, the places that usually take 6 hours to unload???

We are making our way down to Houston and will deliver as soon as I can get there. Then off to Le Porte, Texas. Then who knows……..?

See ya bright and early in the morning! Enjoy the view of the truckstop today:)