Good Wednesday

Good morning America. We made our delivery last night here in Findlay, Ohio and was tied unloading until after midnight. This morning we are waiting for instructions on what to do with the 9 damaged cases the customer refused. Shouldn’t be long then we will start the next trip by first getting reefer fuel and a washout.

15 thoughts on “Good Wednesday

  1. Steve i have often wondered just how much you are involved with actual unloading The fact you are waiting to get instructions must mean you do have some involvement rather then just dropping off loaded trailer then just go on from that point of delivery for next assignment instructions concerning damaged items so you dont just drop off and run

    1. It really depends on the delivery customer. When there are damaged products that the delivery puts back on the truck, I must file a claim then the claims department has to call the shipper to find out what they want done with the returned product. Some shippers say throw it away, some say return it back to the shipper, other times they say take it to a food bank location. Basically, what happens is all based on what caused the damage, what product it is, and how much of it is damaged. In this case, the shippers have not responded to the claim nor provided disposal information. I can’t just throw it out because if I do, and the customer says do something else with it, guess what? I just bought the product I threw away! In this case, we are only talking about 9 cases of candy.

      1. Steve thanks for your reply.Just goes to show you can get stuck with problem of deliveries that you had nothing on your part to cause damaged shipments. But in the case of candy cases damaged maybe –candy crush game would be good way to use damaged candy Well after all –Candy Crush very popular game

    1. I’ve never seen any trick or treating at truckstops. Would you allow your kid to eat candy from a Trucker???

  2. How many of the first riders are still on here who remember when Steve pulled into a TS in Dallas & heard on the CB, (something like) “alright last call. Anybody who wants Marie Calendar frozen foods speak up now.” The trucker was parked next to the huge trash dumpster. Steve did not know our church was planning to feed many of the homeless that Christmas season, — but as of yet no food was donated. Steve called & asked did I want him to bring it to SA. I said “YES!” It turned out to be so many meals and desserts that we all packed our freezers full and the churches 2 freezers full. That was a good season. (He also was hauling an empty down, what else??)

    1. Hi DanO — How old are those cute, cute granddaughters now? I remember your photos of them & how proud of them {rightly so} you are.

  3. Howdy TK. My granddaughter is 10 years old now. I also have a grand son who is 12. We are doing great enjoying the Arizona Sunshine 😎

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