Good morning!

Good morning everyone . Today is when we observe Veterans Day so make sure you remember all veterans that fought for our country.

Since today is Monday, all of the planners are busy booking freight.  While we wait for a load to be booked for us, I was informed a customer in Stuarts Draft , Virginia is short on empty trailers. We will get our trailer washed that we picked up at our delivery lastnight and drag it on over there and drop it for them. As soon as I hear from the planners I will let ya know…

8 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Steve,
    Thank you for your military service to The United States of America. And to all the other Veterans and their families.

  2. hi steve since Marco is the one that helps take care of the web site i was thinking that Marco should be a moderator has well on youtube chat what do you all think ? may be there a setting on youtube too where it can have two wrench next too the name noing that he a sit Admin thats in change of the web site then a 2nd wrench next too the name would be moderator

    just some in i been thinking since Marco is the one that help maintain the web site that i all so think that he should be a moderator has well on youtube

    1. Thanks David. 🙂
      i have the biggest wrench of em all, just not visible, lets just keep it that way, works for me, got access where needed
      and this way i am able to serve ya’ll in the best way possible…
      seeing you guys enjoy the website as a whole is the best recognition i can have 🙂

  3. Thank you Steve and all veterans. You are all very much appreciated. Glad to see you are headed up to these parts! Woo hoo! Just trying to figure out where you may be heading to in Carbondale ~ about an hour from me. Be cautious as supposed to get a sloppy inch of snow or so this evening 🙁

  4. very much thanks for the fast processing of the snowman problem. if Marco was involved, thank him too. Unfortunately, there is again the message since the shipper: “Error: Network timeout – The server at takes too long to send a reply”. but I think that will only be temporary. By the way, if you want to see the snowman picture in full size you only have to do the following: click on the image with the right mouse button – then “current frame” – then “frame in new tab (or window)” – and left click. thanks again and stay safe if you should get into the snow.

    1. Im sure steve is gonna love ya for the fact you showed the world how to bypass his income 🙂
      gonna look into the snowman now.

      1. marco, many thanks for the renewed work.
        “how to bypass his income”??? please, can you contact me via my email address?

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