Good Day

Afternoon ya’ll. Good day today with a washout and our load picked up and scaled out legal:) We covered 396 miles today so we are right on schedule! Take the rest of the afternoon off and meet ya back here on the BigRigTravels dash in the morning! šŸ™‚ BTW, read below and follow please!


Public Service Announcement!!

Merging traffic does NOT have the right-of-way. Traffic already on the interstate has the right-of-way. If you are merging it is YOUR responsibility to merge safely. It is no one else’s responsibility to stand on 80,000lbs worth of brakes to let you merge to the front of them.

Part of my job is to take public complaint calls on our trucks and deal with the drivers. I used to get maybe one complaint call every two weeks or so for a 300 truck fleet. Over these last two weeks (since the Tracy Lawrence crash) I have taken 3-4 calls per day. The public is terrified of trucks and they are calling companies to get “justice” on drivers.

The most common complaint is merging. Let me give you a hint, if you are trying to merge in front of an 18-wheeler and you are running out of merge lane, YOU are in the wrong. The truck is not “trying to run you off the road”. He is already on the road and he has the right-of-way. He has no legal obligation to let your impatient, selfish, and deadly dangerous self to hurry up and jump in front of him. Maybe someone is on his left and he can’t get over. Maybe it’s illegal for him to be in the left lane. Deal with it.

Merging BEHIND the big truck is always an option. Apparently it’s an option that doesn’t cross the mind of the average car driver.

That large empty space in front of the truck is not yours. That truck needs over 300 feet to panic stop at highway speed. That 300 feet of empty space in front of him is HIS not yours. If he is protecting that space by keeping you out of it, that’s for your protection.

That truck driver makes his living on that road. He pays more taxes for the use of that road and is targeted by law enforcement in ways you would never dream of. He has just as much right to be on the road as you do. If you enjoy full shelves in stores he needs to get the goods there. Go ahead and just outlaw trucks or make it to much hassle to be a pro CDL driver and see what that does to the price of everything… everything.

He also gets some form of continuing driver training by FMCSA mandated regulations. When was the last time you had drivers ed? When you were 16? Was it from a real driving school or by a mom and dad who were just as clueless as you?

So, the next time you feel like complaining about that dirty, nasty, low life truck driver on the road, put your superior attitude away and reexamine YOUR driving habits. Consistently 80% of all crashes that involve big trucks are caused by a car driver doing something stupid in traffic in front of that truck.

Take care of your own life, learn use to use a turn-signal, stop calling me and instead ask yourself, “what am I doing to make the roads safer?


(Obviously the above text was taken and shared…..I am NOT the one who takes calls about other drivers…)