Georgia Sunshine!

Good afternoon to ya! What a beautiful day here in Georgia! The sun is out, we have the windows open,and there is just a slight breeze with the smell of fresh blossoms from the trees.
We are waiting for our next load to be ready but it is not even scheduled to be started until late tonight. At that point, we will just pick it up in the morning then drop it over in Mississippi Alabama tomorrow afternoon.

(Haha, edit because somebody told me we were not going to Mississippi. Our next trip after this was supposed to go to Mississippi, but got cancelled by the customer.)

5 thoughts on “Georgia Sunshine!

  1. Still cloudy, cool & damp here in the MO Bootheel. Looking forward to your next trip. I hope you get another coast to coast pretty soon.

  2. So glad you’re having a beautiful, breezy and sunny Wednesday afternoon/evening and get to smell the fresh blossoms from the trees. I bet they smell absolutely wonderful.

    STEVE thank you! In your “video vault” I found the video’s that you found of interest and posted: The Lincoln Highway, The Bozeman Trail, The Blizzard Of 49, (had no idea it was so horrible) Aerial America – Nebraska and Over Wyoming. All are quite interesting video’s….more please. Haven’t watched the ‘Train Ride Through American History….’ yet nor, have I listened to the musical one’s yet, but will get around to them sooner or later. 

    Having said that I also thank you for helping to keep supplies on the store shelves. Have a blessed night!

  3. Hey Steve, if a cop stops you and asks if you are carrying an essential load, how are you going to convince them that Jet Puffed Marshmallows are essential? LOL

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