oh wow, so I have spent the whole afternoon troubleshooting the audio problems we had on our last Road Crew Radio Show. What a mess! Everytime I treid something new the audio got worse, didn’t work, or just went psycho on me. Just when I thought I has things lined up, I got feedback, or echos, or static, or everything else under the sun. Even when I didn’t change any settings, it did something different each time I started a fake stream for testing. I got it to work three times properly so now I am shutting the whole thing down to rest a bit before testing again. I know, not your deal, just thought I’d mention I do work on things even if I am not driving 🙂

Ok, so as you probably know by now, we are not doing the trip to Washington. We arrived all ready to get loaded up at the shipper and found out that the load was actually picked up by another company two days prior. Yup, somebody messed up. Oh well, it happens. We have our next trip that still takes us North through California. We load tomorrow ate afternoon.

3 thoughts on “frustration

  1. Well … at least you didn’t have to drive far to get to the imaginary load.
    Of course if you did happen to drive let’s say a couple hundred miles to get to the
    next load and it didn’t happen, I’d assume you’d still get paid mileage?
    Would something like this count towards your career mileage?
    Have a good day 🙂

    1. Yup, I get paid for every mile driven for trucking. Empty, loaded, Bobtail, ghost trips, everything.

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