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Friday in California

Howdy! We were unable to get another driver to take our delivery for us last night so we ended up doing it. It wasn’t really all that bad, but we were so short on hours, I was afraid we would not make it back to shutdown and ark before getting a violation on our 70 hour clock. We finally shutdown with just 9 minutes left about 1130pm. Whew! We are in the process of doing another 34 hour restart sine we didn’t gain any hours today. I am using today to finally get the trip journal caught back up as well. When we ran through the Virgin River Gorge in Northwest Arizona the other day, broadcast signal is non existent, so we hard recorded it in HD for ya. Have a look and enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Friday in California

  1. Thank you. Take time and rest while you can. Our family is headed West from East Tennessee to the Colorado Rockies for a week leaving tomorrow morning. Waiting to see your next load post and where it is going to take you. Maybe we will cross paths this coming week. Have a great 34 hour restart.

  2. Wow, Steve thank you for sharing your drive through the gorge, the mountians were so beautiful, it was a sight to behold. Hope you are enjoying your 34 hour restart and getting some rest. Looking forward to your next trip. Take care, stay safe and God bless.

  3. When you see something like the gorge, you have to think about the forces it took to create it and how insignificant we humans are. Be safe Steve.

  4. Wow that scenery 🙂

  5. Thanks for taking us all along with you on that amazing canyon run! Truly captivating. Best wishes!

  6. Thanks Steve! That gorge is beautiful! See you when your next trip starts and have a good night!

  7. Thanks for the updates stay safe see you on the road soon 😊

  8. Wow, you’re really staying busy and burning through your 70-hour clock fast this month! I hope that means freight is starting to pick up again. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  9. Hey Steve will you get a trip back east across the United States

    1. Ya know, how many times do I say I don’t know what or where our next trip will take us until we actually start a trip?

      1. N+1, where N is the number of times you’ve already said it. ~:)P

      2. That’s one definition of infinity, along with telling people to use the web site, and explaining the 70-hour clock. 🙂

        1. It would be nice if it included I 10

          1. LA -> Jacksonville, FL via I-10 would be a nice ride!

      3. Steve may i suggest a crystal ball so you will have advance trip information!! It will fit in cab and only crowd Nightbot and Chatty Catty just a tab but they can just squeeze in closer on the seat Well just a suggestion and BRT so enjoyable even is incentive to offer useful info God Bless and keep you safe!!! And have designated you —HEAD MASH-IT man!!!

        1. I’ve had my doubts about that form of technology after seeing a sign outside a fortune teller’s tent: “Closed due to unforeseen circumstances.”

  10. Hey Steve–from bottom of my heart–thank so much for BRT and all goes with it!! This is source of comfort as will be 79 October 14. AS i am from background where God Family Country and all the values i was raised on and in these troubled times—All that is right and good====BRT!!!! Just brings me feeling all is good with you and all BRT stands for===you being the captain at the helm on this ship!!God Bless!!!

  11. California is such a beautiful state.

  12. Now, this video beats all! This was an amazing ride through the Virgin River Canyon. This rugged and beautiful country – one of the few roads in the USA we have not traveled. It’s now on our ‘Bucket List’. Honestly to all – there are few roads less traveled that are as magnificent as this. Thanks, Steve for the video.

  13. Thanks for the ride thru the Gouge, glad lyou were driving so I could look around at the scenery. Stay safe.

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