Friday 2020

Morning! We are already at our delivery for the first trip of the New Year! Boy, it sure was difficult to wake up at 230 am this morning! This first delivery sure is taking awhile. They better hurry because we have a live loading appointment at noon for our next trip today…

6 thoughts on “Friday 2020

  1. Happy New Year and thank you for updating the trip journal:) There’s been a number of non-food items lately like the rock salt, dish soap and newsprint. Hey … whatever keeps ya moving right?! These items still moved in a reefer trailer or just dry van?

  2. Hi there Steve. You are in our neck of the woods today. We live in Waunakee. I liked watching your trip in to our area this morning.

  3. No offence meant? But what is taking the receiver so long? When I worked warehouse it was extremely important to get those trucks and couriers and mail… in out as fast as humanly possible.

    This was just a bonus trip for you.

    I am surprised you came back today, that tooth problem disappeared fast. I followed you closely, you could have used another couple of days. Heh guess we all could. Happy New Gear!

    1. Happy New Gear?

      At least it isn’t as bad as Redskins owner Dan Snyder wishing the press a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday.

      But Steve is lucky that it only took 5 plus hours for him to be unloaded in Windsor today. It took a receiver in Virginia 10 hours to unload him back in November.

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