Fog monsters! 

Good Wednesday morning from our first delivery in Modesto,  California.  It sure is a foggy morning around here. Yesterday we had a great ride up through California – and even had a surprise ambush by “The Mustang Crew”. A nice red Mustang convertible filled with BigRigTravels Road Crew waved to us! It is always great to see and meet the road crew, even though scheduling doesn’t always make it possible or convenient.  After this delivery,  we will head to Sacramento and then slowly make our way to Boise, Idaho.  Because of the holiday,  we have extra time to drag our feet here and there. This might be a chance to finally wipe the dust off the segway and drone and go play.  

Got your official 2018 Ten Years and A Million Miles Road Crew shirts yet? Time for pre-orders is running out! We only get shirts printed every 4 or 5 years, so if you want one, “git r done”.

Update…. BTW, forgot to mention,  there is a new BigRigTravels Road Crew Facebook group.  I am really surprised how many folks are capturing images along the trips and posting and making comments about the scenery!  I don’t have a link, you can just search for the group. 

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