Good afternoon y’all. We started early this morning and made our delivery right ontime. Our next trip is posted, going to Florida,  with plenty of spare time!! Well, while I was writing this post, the planners took it away… Not sure why or what happened but I will update as soon as I find out.  Beautiful sunshine here in the middle of Georgia!!

Update… Our new trip is now posted. True it isn’t Florida, but more miles!! Let’s get up to the Petro truckstop in Atlanta before all the parking is gone. We load tomorrow afternoon.

We found good parking here so tonight will be a nice buffet, shower, and no alarm clock! The trailer washout is next door and we will take care of that about noon tomorrow or so, go get loaded, then head towards Texas! I can’t believe it’s 61 degrees and sunny! Soak up the sunshine without a jacket!!!