First trip!

The first trip ever for this truck is now posted! It sure is a nice long run to break the truck in! The move out of the retired Kenworth is completed. Now that we have everything in the new truck, I will have to find a place for everything. I like this truck so far. It has all the gadgets I enjoyed in the last cascadia we had and a few more. But…in the short drives to the shop, etc…my foot kept trying to press in the clutch which has now disappeared and my hand keeps trying to grab the gear tree which also seems to have gone missing! Love the extra room, tons of storage, and plenty of power plugs! This truck has the Detroit DT12 in it. As I learn more, I will let you know and if not then simply ask! No photos tonight because I am drained of all energy and just wanna sleep now. 🙂  our trip starts Wednesday just before lunch or so….