Update…First day of summer

Good 3am early morning to ya. Welcome to the first day of summer! We are unloading at our delivery in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We do have our next trip set up but doesn’t load up until 10pm tonight. 42 degrees when we woke up at 1am this morning….and just last week Wyoming had 8 inches of snow!!

We arrived at the shipper early since our appointment is not until tonight at 1030pm. They no longer allow drivers to drop empty trailers until their load is actually ready. So, enjoy your Saturday and we will start broadcasting when we depart the shipper.

26 thoughts on “Update…First day of summer

  1. Wow! Still winter in Wyoming! Here, in Florida, we have had summer weather for a couple of months now.
    Looking forward to the next trip!

  2. We could use some of that rain you had yeasterday to put out all the fires here in Arizona. Been really dry lately.

  3. Those cool mountain summer mornings are quite refreshing when it’s 90+ degrees and 70+ dew points almost everywhere else. Too bad you’ll miss the tulips in Holland, MI by about a month. 🙁 Safe travels and Lord bless.

  4. Today is not only the first day of summer, but also the 157th birthday of the State of West Virginia. (Cue “Country Roads!”)

  5. Steve, don’t forget to check out the Road Crew Facebook page. There is some interesting content today.

  6. Careful Steve, I got called a liar in chat the other day for saying that Laramie, WY got 8″ of snow. Was thinking of not going back into chat, but I would miss seeing the countryside, listening to your awesome advice and singing and missing the wonderful people I met on chat. I hope you can get your load soon and start making your way to the receiver in MI. God bless and take care.

    1. Wait a minute… you were going to let some person that you don’t even know, stop you from enjoying a website? Don’t ever let anyone control you like that.

      1. I’m sorry, Steve. It’s not right to call someone a lair when you don’t check it out if you don’t believe it yourself and I was not having a good day. And I thought well it wasn’t a lie so why should I let someone chase me from Big Rig Travels. Thank you for the advice, I won’t let that happen again. I enjoy your website, the chat, the awesome people and all the wonderful places I get to see through your eyes. God bless and thanks again.

        1. Who cares what a person thinks? You knew the truth, so nevermind the people who don’t. Again, do not let other people dictate emotions to you.

    2. I third that. Chat has been getting pretty toxic, that’s why I’ve been avoiding it lately. Mods need to do their job better.

      1. No one can ever predict or control how someone behaves. The only thing mods can do is delete a bad comment and or ban a chatter. Stop expecting and demanding our mods read minds about who is going to say what and when and control things before it even happens. If you feel chat is too bad for you, then you need to not look at chat; I see you in there constantly.

        1. I drive a truck just like you. I spend 11 hours in a truck just like you so I doubt I spend all day in chat. Just saying. Sorry if I rattled a nerve…

          1. no nerves rattled. Just you need to realize the mods are there to help, not be servants and they certainly are not mind readers. Your concerns really should be handled through emails, not polluting up the blog comments. You being a trucker also has no bearing on this problem.

  7. Will you drive a while tonight or just pull back into the truck stop and get a early start in the morning? Be careful as always.

    1. Hey John!!! You can take an encore bow for that come back to Jepordy theme!! You the best John!!! Okay now all Mash- It and lets –On The Road Again!! Blessings all!!

  8. Good Morning – just found the web site – very interesting and a fun way to see the US… How far in advance do you get info about your next load?
    stay well and healthy!

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