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First Day of a new chapter

HOWDY! Well today was the first real production test of our new custom built streaming app. I have read every email and comments ya folks have sent in. Overwhelmingly a successful day today! Yes, we will try different settings and try to fine tune it more but it takes time. I very much think we got the audio sync solved and when we do buffer you are automatically back live. Also, we will adjust the information texts to a better contrast color for better visibility. We did try to use the wide screen for broadcasts but couldn’t tackle it this time around and didn’t want to delay the release any more since it’s been in the works for several months already. We won’t give up yet though, if we can make it happen, we will, but it will have to be in future upgrades. As far as the closed captions go, it is now included for the many folks that watch our stream that are hearing impaired. You can go to the settings in the lower right corner if you want to turn them off. Hopefully, more people can enjoy our crazy comments and stories and of course songs. I’ve heard already that some of the captions get translated awfully strange! Oh well, it is available if you want it, or turn it off if not. I aim to include everyone possible that shares in the enjoyment that you can only find right here on!

22 thoughts on “First Day of a new chapter

  1. Looks like the 24/7 cam is frozen at 20:26 but, the new layout is way better than thought of.

    1. It froze because I took it offline to make an adjustment. It’s back now

  2. Good Morning Steve, Just wanted to ask you if I may, this new trips looks like that you might be heading my direction again, and like always, I have always wanted to meet you, Dont know if you will or not, but if you are going to make it to the Reno.Sparks area again and actually spend the evening at one of those truck stops there, would really like to stop by if possible and say HEllo, I might also have a gift for you that is if my local mall still has it available and in your size, so if you dont mind me asking, since you are still at least half way across the United States, what would be the easiest way that I could meet you, that is if you are able to stop and possibly spend the evening at one of those truck stops, one is off of Interstate 80 in Sparks, the Alamo if I remember correctly, but dont remember where the one in Reno is located, if you could let me know about this, I sure would appreciate it….Thank Steve….

    1. Remind me a day early via email and we’ll see what we can do

      1. ok will do, thanks

  3. Congrats on the new app! Looks great. Appreciate the additional information such as speed, elevation and location. Having both Imperial and Metric units is awesome. Did you consider including temperature and direction?

    One minor thing and not meaning to nitpick. Speed in Metric is usually denoted as km/h rather than kph.

    Well done! Looking forward to joining you on the drive to California. Do take care!

    1. well the GPS interface comes directly from within the phone. Adding other information such as weather, maps, compass, state signs, etc is harder to accomplish and then the screen gets too distracted. Besides, then nobody would ever go to the website I worked so hard on lol

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply my question Steve! It is appreciated. Look forward to tomorrow’s trek into Wyoming.

  4. It seemed like all went well until you got parked for the day. Not sure if it was the new streaming software or a bad/busy cell tower in the area causing the buffering/jumping of both audio and video. With the new software, the new snowman is on the broadcasting phone?

    1. it was only the first day of testing. Give me a chance to adjust and tweak.

    2. I think it was a bad cell tower.

      It could be worse.

      BTW, what about the day’s numbers?

  5. Oh yeah and will the updates of the speed be adjusted too? Almost would be nice if it adjusted live like you are driving a car.

    1. It’s currently at 15 second intervals. Remember now, this ISN’T a car. This is a phone and website doing a whole bunch of processes and using alot of resources to provide what you have now. Anything more frequent than this will result in heavy battery drain, faster than what it can charge, and cause overheating of the phone.

  6. Great improvement Steve. As a tech guy, I know this is always a work in progress but you’re off to a good start. The “bad” thing though is that when you’re setting the bar higher and higher, some people won’t be expecting anything less. Sometimes managing expectations will be necessary but I reckon you’re good at that as well. Thank you and good luck with improving the BRT experience.

  7. OK Thanks for the responses.

  8. On the Y/T TV app there is no option to turn off close captions. Maybe YT needs to make that an option for those who don’t want the captions

    1. Hi Sterling, I watch on TV and have not got the closed caption problems. However sometimes YouTube plays videos with closed captions even when they are not supposed to be available.
      To cure this I find a video that has captions, make sure they are turned on, start it playing and then turn them off. This usually cures the problem. Hope this helps.

  9. i am not impressed….video is very choppy hard to watch.

    1. You perfer total black screen when we have no solid signal? I can’t make signal appear when it isn’t available strong enough for unhindered streaming. You say it is 100% fail, no scene at all? 100% unwatchable? Not one minute out of 10 hours was worth watching?

  10. What happened to today’s videos? They’re not on the Youtube channel. Should be at least two, I watched part of the stream but wanted to go back to it later. East St. Louis to a rest area in MO, and then from the rest area around KC up and into Nebraska. They’re gone now.

    About the new format… I like it, though making the text a dark gray actually made it worse and harder to read. Like someone else mentioned I think the video quality at times is not that good and I don’t mean out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve seen parts where you are driving in a city and it looks low res, in an area where you should be able to get decent cell signal. Speaking of that… Is it possible to include the direction you are driving in that data? N, NE, E, SE, etc – I think that would be helpful. Your phone that is used for the stream should be able to provide direction. Also, how about a cell signal icon? You know, like bars. Then everyone would know how strong it is at that spot.

    1. must be a YT glitch? I see them on my end. Both from today.

      1. Ok, I see them now. I can see where the 2nd one, a 7 hour video, would take longer. Maybe it didn’t start uploading the first one till you went offline after the 2nd one, 7 hours later, since there wasn’t much time between the two streams.

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