We finally get to stop for the night! Not much past this point for truckstops…..and we would come up about 20 miles short of Des Moines, Iowa. Oh well, I am ready to call it a day anyway! We covered a total of 539 miles today and we are ahead of schedule. I wonder if the first delivery will take us early? Wouldn’t that be very nice!? Just some FYI, when we rolled empty from Denver, Colorado to Liberal, Kansas, we averaged 10.5MPG! I am impressed. Now that we weigh 79,000 pounds about, we have been averaging 8.5MPG. Not bad at all:)

Ok, not sure how tomorrow will work out yet, it all depends if I can convince an early delivery, and overall timing….. For now, I am gonna grab FOOD then some nap time! Goodnight from Interstate 35 in Missouri!