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Explore the Caves with BigRigSteve

Well, we have officially delivered our trailer 27 hours early! Since there is no signal to broadcast under the rocks, we did make this hard recording taking you inside to our door, sliding our tandems, dropping the trailer and getting our signed bills and a slow drive back to the top!

BTW, our numbers for Tuesday are as follows… 4.5 hours left on our 70 clock. Gain back 3.5 hours after midnight. 416 miles driven today.

Here is your Cave video recorded 4/27/21

32 thoughts on “Explore the Caves with BigRigSteve

  1. Hi Steve, watching the video and it’s awesome!
    Have you gotten a new trip? When will you stream again?

    1. No trip until morning

  2. Hi Steve, I am really interested in the caves and the history of them. Could you please explain the reason for having the caves and what they are used for. It must have taken a long time to dig all that out. It just seems very bizarre to me. Thank you , I enjoy riding along with you on your trips. Keep being safe!

    1. Frozen and temperature controlled warehouses are easily maintained in caves because they are underground which keeps the sun from heating the building, no expensive building walls to maintain because the rocks already provide the basic foundation, walls, and roofing. Tornado proof. Lots of advantages.

      1. Thanks Steve, I’m still learning in my old age!

    2. Bertha, you can google Springfield Underground and read the history of the rock business and transition to business use. Also, google Springfield Underground tenants and you can read news stories of the tenants including one long-term tenant. (I won’t spoil it for you)

      1. Thanks Gus, I will do a little research, this is very interesting to me, just didn’t realize these caves existed! Still learning!!

  3. Hi Steve, watching the video and it’s awesome! It is my first time seeing one of these things underground and seems like large inside.

  4. Steve, here is the official website for the caves if you’d like to share it. It has their complete history & story.

  5. Thank you Steve, that was amazing.

  6. Great tour. Thank you, Steve . Safe travels.

  7. HEY Steve so sorry for all the frustrations you suffered due to dispatcher problems Wondering about what happened God forbid if cargo is spoiled?/ If product improperly wrapped by shipper is at fault or if reefer malfunctions ..Insurance would cover by one party or other determined by whom fault was ? Steve and Brt ==THE BEST!!!

    1. Huh? We delivered 27 hours early. No problems with the reefer or product.

      1. Steve question not about yesterday load was curious of how spoiled shipments are resolved and role of parties concerned of how resolution his handled. and may ==Mash-It become our national slogan!! Well are alot worse these days LOL

        1. Ah, ok. Well, really all depends on the damage and situation. In an accident, cargo claims are handled just like the vehicle damages would be. If food was spoiled because the driver didn’t make sure temperature was maintained, the carriers insurance pays for it, of course the carrier will then charge the driver for negligence. If mechanical failure occurs, and the driver did everything he could to save the cargo, then insurance pays for it. If cargo claims occur due to damage because the shipper didn’t load properly and securely, then shipper pays. Just like everything else, it all depends on putting the responsibility on the correct individual. Quite often, minor damages such as when a forklift driver puts his forks through the bottom boxes, usually those just get written off and trashed.

          1. Thanks Steve!!! BRT is sooo wonderful experience when have such a personal touch from you Steve!! God Bless!!!!

  8. Hi Steve :: Thanks for the view of the caves and first time seeing it, and seeing the train track into the cave to at the same time. Also, first time seeing this area.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the video – thanks for providing ๐Ÿ™‚
    I noticed you driving slow and thought maybe this was the posted speed limit but then
    realized you were doing this for a purpose as your 1/2 hour break was due.
    Does the computer not see any travel over 4mph I assume (as this was the speed you noted)?
    Clever maneuver!

    1. Correct. 4mph doesn’t count lol

  10. That was so interesting. I had no idea these cave complexes existed. Thanks for taking up on the ride there.

  11. hi Steve is every thing ok ? any news on are next trip ? all so are you trying too seak in a 34hr restart ?

    1. no confirmed next trip yet, otherwise it’d be posted. No planned restart…but might turn into one if we don’t get a trip

  12. Thanks for this learning experience in the Springfield underground world. My Sister in law lived in Springfield for 25 years and never mentioned the caves. My trucker son-in-law travels the underground of Kansas City and I thought that was creepy. Have you ever been under Kansas City?
    Sorry to have missed you on your travels thru Minneapolis but St Cloud was a bit far and I would never ask you to stop in Rogers, that TA is chaos. Maybe sometime in the future but I m getting kinda old. Safe travels to you always.

    1. Yes, I believe I have been to all the Caves in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois

      1. Steve thanks for tour of cave . I’ve been into a lot caves that interesting they under ground cave for droping your items. Thanks again Steve for filming the cave for
        the road crew. Stay safe my friend. I’m looking forward to your next trip.

  13. The caves are interesting. I have had the opportunity to be in the Kansas City and Carthage, MO caves. Not sure I would want to work in there…but fascinating none the less.
    Sorry I missed you when you were at Loves in Harrisonville, MO. I was overloaded with work and could not make it there to meet you. Maybe another time. Safe travels!

  14. Well, I must chime in with our experience the,first time Steve went underground. That was the old days when there was nothing family could do to keep up except go to Steve’s company site & type in his given truck number.
    Then it told us where he was, but that was all.
    So when he dropped off the globe suddenly & didn’t reappear nor answer phone for hours & hours, lots of praying was going on here!
    He called when he came out…and that was our introduction to the cave warehouses which we had not known existed.

    1. Hello TK, hope you are keeping well๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ

  15. Oh boy, a learning video for the kids. Most will be amazed that the caves exist, and that you can drive a big-rig in there. Hey, I’m not a kid and I really enjoyed a place that I didn’t know existed and that I’ll probably never get to visit.

    Safe travels…


  16. Thanks Steve that was very interesting.

  17. I watched the video too ,Steve. Found it very interesting. I was thinking it might be tight ,turning to do drop off with all the rock pillars!

  18. What a great experience! Thanks!

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