Exciting Day for BigRigTravels! 

Good evening everyone.  We have decided to call it a night since once again the roads are getting too slick and ugly to properly manage safely!  I was hoping to reach Bismarck,  North Dakota,  but I’d rather stop short and safe than push into worse conditions.  

Today was an historic day for us. Just last Sunday we reached a new record for simultaneous viewers of 259 as we we over Snoqualmie Pass in Washington.  Today, we passed that record by more than 100 as we topped out at 364 simultaneously viewing Road Crew as we were rolling Eastbound on Interstate 94 towards Billings,  Montana. 

I want to thank Mike Seidel – one of the On Air personalities from the Weather Channel!  Our live video feed was shown LIVE on the air in two segments while we were in some near whiteout conditions.  Many thanks Mike for stopping by the BigRigTravels chatroom and using our stream. I got word that ABC News was also running our stream on their website.  

It was a rough go today with the winter weather in Montana.  I’m sure we will fight more of it as we roll through North Dakota!  Many thanks to all for watching today, I appreciate all you are doing to share and support BigRigTravels.com!

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