Evanston Blues

Howdy and welcome to Evanston, Wyoming for the night. We had to take our 30 minute break in Little America, Wyoming and we just could not hold a signal. I’m not sure why, but once you get into the Little America parking lot, all signal disappears. Once we got done with the break, I tried several times to start broadcasting again then finally gave up because just down the road we started into the Three Sisters Mountains and we already know we lose signal there as well. As we got closer to Evanston, we decided to call it quits because we have less than two hours on our 70 hour clock and Salt Lake City is 100 miles away with lots of mountain climbing to do. This would also put us arriving in SLC right at the afternoon rush hour and we would certainly run past the 70 hour limit and I am not willing to do that. We don’t deliver until Friday anyway, so no big rush. Relax and enjoy your day. Hopefully you did get a few peeks in from the snowman camera! See ya in the morning!

9 thoughts on “Evanston Blues

  1. Wyoming is a special kind of beautiful in the winter with snow on the ground. Have a good day tomorrow, Steve.

  2. Wyoming morning. Nice hiking. Would have got to SLC hadn’t been for that Nebraska Snowball kicking the top safe speed. Anyhow, I wanted to ask you. Is your truck a manual or an automatic. I’m not trying to judge macho. The days of the old disadvantages of heavy haul automatics are long gone. I was just curious to what the company, with its speed governor and all figure out what is a better truck.
    … It doesn’t matter to me what I drive. Motto: Don’t care long as it goes. Autos have advantages. Manuals have advantages. On the other hand after listening to your engine for a few thousand, you my friend, haven’t blown a shift.

  3. The great thing about this site is you really do get to see the whole country. Not that long ago, you were in upstate New York and now coming all the way west. You really do have a great website and my wife and I watch all the time. Thanks and be safe.

  4. Hi Steve even though you are alone on the road; I hope you had or are having a nice relaxing Valentine’s Day/Evening. Hugs!

  5. Just found you on YouTube earlier this week and have been watching since. Great riding along with you my friend. My brother was a driver back in the day and I miss riding shotgun with him. I’m now a practicing physician in northern California about an hour out east of San Francisco, and love watching your travels and seeing you doing what you do. Safe travels….

      1. Thanks Steve! And I really loved seeing you roll from Utah into SoCal today. I lived in L.A. for a time and did that exact same drive and timeframe (but originated from Colorado Springs, CO, then to SLC and then to L.A.). Watched most every mile of your run on my day off today while taking care of chores around the homestead. You be well now and safe travels as always my friend! -Tony (handle: T-BEAR)

  6. Hi

    One thing I noted in the chat today that when we where in UT. Some on the chat where talking about speed and cars where going at the speed of 80 mph but you can only go 65 mph I really wish the road crew would not worry so much about speed and this in joy the trip

    I was looking at the list on night bot command are and saw this

    !speed2 Please don’t complain about the speed of the truck. Continuing to complain about Steve’s speed will get you banned from chat

    I wish the mods in the chat would start using this command more Hopefully and can cut down some of this speed talk.

    Steve is not a supper trucker. No offense Steve. But Steve dos not need too travel. at 80 mph I think 65 mph is fast enough you get no where buy speeding

    1. Agreed, but we have the best mods around that believe in giving everyone several chances before just banning anyone. I’ll never understand why certain people think trucks should go as fast as the speeding cars go. We are set at 65mph no matter what, and in the state of California, trucks have a speed limit of 55mph period.

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