We have escaped the hospital! Already have my medicines, and some food for today. I am back in the hotel now and tomorrow is a short grocery shopping trip. The biggest thing I can be (and am) thankful for, besides EVERYTHING, is I have excellent insurance!! No, I am not gonna list everything, but my insurance is, and has been LIKE GOLD in saving me money. I talked with several folks on the phones to get things lined up with medicines and everyone I talked to got down to business with no problems! I do of course thank everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, none went unnoticed. I am not out of the woods yet, but I see no need to stay in the hospital waiting for the next round of appointments. I can wait at the hotel. Both a team of doctors and myself felt I am well enough and band-aided enough for now. Trust me, the medical bills are going to be enough to buy a dang modest house!

Possible date to go back driving depends on what the doctors and tests show next week… maybe June 15th???