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Enjoyed the Premieres?

We just finished our last premiere we had on hand coming to a rather abrupt stop on the side of Interstate 70 climbing up the mountain towards Denver! I am glad to bring these recordings to you in wide screen and no buffering! Make sure you share them as well as thumbs up.

At this point, I am not sure if we will go back driving on Sunday or wait until Monday. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday. Watch the status bar and green highway sign on our website for details as soon as I know what the plan is. Thanks ya’ll!

13 thoughts on “Enjoyed the Premieres?

  1. Thanks Steve for posting these premieres from hard recorded no signal zones.
    It was a very scenic ride through the mountains on this evening’s premiere.

    The mountains where I live in PA pale in comparison to the 11,000 foot summit elevation seen in the video.

  2. Thank you, Steve, I’ve watched a couple.

  3. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for sharing all these Premiers with us. I think my favorite is the Virgin river one although each one is well worth watching. I certainly hope the weather clears for when you go back on the road again. Even here in Minnesota, it is going to be in the 40s by Wednesday. Stay well I will be watching the board for your next trip. ( Ha ha how do you get your rig back from Hawaii?)

  4. That is a great question. Him will have to hire a ferry boat. I hope. Hawaii is being good to him.

  5. Thank you for the premieres, Steve. I’ve caught 5-10 minutes of them at a time as often as I’ve been able to while at work while you’ve streamed them. I always love seeing where you’ve been and am looking forward to where you’ll go next, as do all of your dedicated Road Crew. Best wishes to you. T-Bear

  6. Steve deserves that extra day of time off this time around because a couple of months ago, his company called him back to the truck from time off a day early when they did not have another driver available for a trip.

  7. Thank you Steve, such a treat to have these amazing views. You bring us the outside when a lot of us can’t go out…It’s a massive help towards improving our well-being and mental health in these difficult times…..Thank you..

  8. Thanks Steve! Beautiful views of our magnificent country! See you later and enjoy the rest of your time off the truck.

  9. Hi Steve

    When you were driving by Vail, you were commenting on the cost there. We go and ski for a week.
    The condo is $1,433 per person for a week (during ski season). The condos we rent are
    1 bedroom. One can own a condo (1 bedroom) for about a million dollars (12/3/20). 4 bedroom is 3 million dollars.
    (that is just cost to buy! They upgrade and remodel the condos and shared
    areas on a regular basis so there are many costs there too. and other costs….!)
    I think many are owned by corporations who rent them out to folks like us who go there to
    ski in winter, hike and ride in the summer etc. It cost us about 8-9 grand to vacation there for a week — 2 people.
    Ski passes, air travel, lodging, food, airport parking and dog sitting at home.
    We usually go only once every 3-5 years. This time we are making it 2 years in a row!

    By the way, Thank you for the premieres. I follow you when I can!

  10. The premiers were just great, except for the problem at the end of the last one. If it had to happen glad it did where it did and not back further. OF course better to not have happened at all but it is what it is. My way of traveling now is watching your travels. Glad to see you got 5 days off before going back to work Monday.

  11. I love the premieres; sorry to see the last one end in a cloud of smoke…er…steam. As an aside, after more than a year I finally gave my new freezer coat you recommended to me its first real test today: an outdoor football game in February! While the weather wasn’t horrible, I sat outside for 4 hours with no sun and never got cold, so it passed with flying colors. Looking forward to mashing it on Monday. Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Glad to hear it kept you warm. Mine is rated for -40f 🙂

  12. Really enjoyed the trips through the Rockies and also past Walker Lake. The latter led me down a youtube rabbit hole when I was curious as to what the bunkers were on the north side of the lake. All interesting stuff.

    On a wider topic, I’ve built and run websites for over 20 years and I think you’ve done a great job with the current rebuild.

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