End of 70?

Evening gang! We made our delivery earlier this afternoon. Originally,  it was scheduled to be delivered Friday morning but the bosses say they are short drivers so they moved it up a day. We had to hustle and drive some long days but we got it covered.  We are now waiting on our next preloaded trailer to be ready. The delivery for this new trip is Saturday morning so we will have some serious ground to cover yet again.  Now, since we have been putting in Long high mileage days, we are running short on our 70 hours for the week.  We will start out with about 8 hours or so, then will have to shutdown until we gain more hours at midnight Pacific time. We can then roll again and finish up the delivery.  I am suspecting we won’t make the delivery on time in the eastern time zone if they don’t open a delivery window! 

I get all sorts of emails everyday ranging from delight and happiness for being able to see America from my truck, to any number of complaints about not meeting someone’s expectations.  Blah blah blah. Obviously,  I love the great emails and learning about what BigRigTravels means to others. Now and then the emails come with a donation,  words of encouragement,  and sometimes artwork.  I just got this piece of artwork from Dwayne Smith. Great job, it made me chuckle just before bed tonight. I am a firm believer that BigRigTravels has the best audience,  viewers,  and Road Crew in the world.  Many thanks to all of you! 

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