We looked and looked but no empties could be found in the yard. I sat and waited and watched for trailers coming in that might be empty. Just five minutes of waiting the shop yard dog pulled up in the space next to us with an empty trailer that just came from the shop! How cool is that?

It was an okay sleep last night in our new home. I think I was too tired to sleep if that makes sense. I kept thinking if there was anything that I didn’t do for the new truck or if I left anything in the old truck! The new truck came with a yuckie spring mattress but I dragged the mattress we had from the Kenworth! It is wider than the Cascadia bunk…but I just put it on top of the spring one and it was the perfect size!

This really is the perfect first trip in this new auto-manual truck. I get to practice on hills empty on the way to the shipper then lots of flat highways and then more hills on the way to delivery! I guess you don’t get to hear me grind gears anymore, but no telling what kind of noises and alarms you will hear now since this thing has lots of warnings and sensors!

OK, lets get going in a few minutes for the first big adventure. All permits, decals, etc are clear and ready to go! Climb in! No pushing or shoving (TK!) as you find your new favorite spot on the dash!