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Easter 4 Hours!

Happy Easter! Well, today will be a very short day. Four hours. That’s it. We have used all 70 hours for this week and won’t gain any back until midnight Pacific time. We are only getting back 8 each of the next two days…but we will try our best. Let’s see what we can get accomplished today!

7 thoughts on “Easter 4 Hours!

  1. Have a Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter Steve!

  3. Happy Easter to everyone. Just wondering- what happened to the California trip?’

    1. Not enough hrs and they move up his Delivery day to a point too where it be impossible to make on time so it was handled overt too other driver to do the rest

  4. Happy Easter Steve and thanks for another picturesque ride today.

  5. Hope all my friends on the Road Crew had a very Happy Easter!

  6. Happy Easter Steve. I pray that you get through 2021 safe and happy.

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