Earlier drop updated

Morning! Our scheduled delivery is supposed to be 9pm tonight live unload. A few calls later, I managed to arrange for a drop and hook as soon as we get there! Here is yesterday’s Sunday Video….

Well, the last few trips we have been amazingly fortunate enough to get several early appointment changes. We checked into the current shipper and was hoping our luck continued. Nope, due to the nature of this load, it has no chance of being ready to roll before noon Tuesday. Oh well, we tried. Once we do get rolling towards California, it will be long days and as many miles as we can safely fit in since the schedule is tight. Looking like some winter weather will cross our path on this trip so it could turn exciting at a moment’s notice!

11 thoughts on “Earlier drop updated

  1. In the past you spoke of California inspection. Since you have no been there recently do you have and active valid inspection certificate?

    1. I get my tractor certified with the required CalBit inspection every 90 days. It can be accomplished in any state and was taken care of during my December time off

      1. hi steve why not change your route a little so that way you wont have too deal with the winter weather just a idea

        1. David!! That is because Winter Weather can be so wide spread that altering route would not be worth it.

  2. Thanks for the update. Your Sunday video is really great. Safe travels and good weather on your trip southwest!

  3. Got the spare time to prepare a spare camera and plenty of video storage I hope 🙂 and welcome back to the Southwest.

  4. Good Morning Steve, Just a quick question If I may in regards to the map, saw how one portion of it right around the Denver area was in PURPLE color while the rest is all in Blue, Does that one section in Purple mean something Different in regards to the trip? Thanks Steve…..

  5. Looking forward to this next trip, Steve. Denver, the Rockies, a little Vegas flyby ( hide the wallet )…then some sun as a reward for the frigid weather you just had. I’m getting ready to jump in the passenger seat. 🙂

  6. Hi Steve if your interested below is a news story that aired in my hometown of Erie, PA on the news regarding last weekends huge winter storm that impacted a large part of the county that you just missed because you were heading west away from Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania governor decided to do something different with the approaching storm by banning all commercial traffic on the interstates and other major routs during storm to keep roads cleared and prevent accidents. The story also gets trucker’s reaction The county I live in, Erie county is famous for jackknifed trucks especially when getting lake effect storms off Lake Erie.


  7. Hi Steve I hop all is well and everything is ok. With the personal stuff you had too do and nothing is wrong with the trip or anything

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