drying out

Afternoon Road Crew! Well things are not going smoothly at all today!

We dropped our trailer a day early in New Boston, Michigan. Then it took us two hours  to get back out of the yard because of computer glitches! Not the truck computer, but the computer that kept telling us the trailer we wanted to take out was really loaded….but it was in fact, empty! We finally got that mess ironed out but then we are late to our shipper because we had to get the trailer washed out. We cannot go to this shipper wet at all, so now we set the reefer on 80 to help it dry out.  Once dry, then we can roll to the shipper for another drop and hook…. This in turn will make us late for our delivery! HA!

Ok, so here is some good news while we wait:

When I first moved into this truck after my vacation ended in mid January of this year, I learned this new truck had a distance radar on it. I really did not like it at first because it would apply the brakes if anybody got even remotely close to me. I have since learned to drive with it and adjusted to the way it behaves. Well today it came in handy when a red car pulled in front of us (from the left lane) no signal, no warning, just a real quick dart out in front of us… We were cruising at 62 MPH when that car decided my lane was moving faster.Nobody was in front of us at all – until she moved over. Wanna guess how many feet my radar said they were in front of us? 16 feet!!! The radar screamed and right away slammed on the brakes HARD! It slowed us down before I even touched the brakes with my foot! We have had people pull in front of us before that the radar would brake the truck for us but nothing this close and fast! If she did not jump back into the lane she was in, and the radar had not acted so quickly and hard, there is no doubt in my mind we would have run over them! Things can change in an instant! I did not have time for the horn or anything……

I am glad now that this truck has that radar controlled braking. It slowed the truck down automatically in a matter of feet…..when the emergency happened. 🙂

As soon as we dry out we will go get our load and see what happens at that point. Here is this weeks Sunday Video!

Also, Remember Pearl Harbor!