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Double Sunday Songs!

We are making our way closer to our two weeks off and the big Belvidere Heritage Days! This week we have a double feature of the Sunday Song.

6 thoughts on “Double Sunday Songs!

  1. Alleluia! Double Praise to Him this Sunday. Wonderful selections Steve. Thank you.

  2. Two great songs. Thanks as always. Tears flowing thinking about my late wife and the Anne Wilson feature 🥲
    Can’t help it. Have a good Sunday.

    1. GM from PA ==you are to be thanked for the complimentary remarks you post here upon listening Sunday songs!!! i can feel with you upon loss of loved one!! God Bless!!!

  3. Thank you Jim Janet. God Bless y’all too

  4. wow double songs

  5. Thank you Steve, Aunt Kathy would be so so pleased as am I. <3

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