Good morning/afternoon! We finally got to make our delivery last night in Layton, Utah. Man, it sure felt like Ground Hog day for sure with all the back and forth trips trying to get things done. Finally I am happy to report we got rid of the stuff in the trailer! After delivery, we dragged the empty trailer back down to the shop so that they could give it it’s federal inspection which is due February 1st. Since there were no available empty trailers, we were given authorization to bobtail to the shipper. Since it was already 2am or so, we decided to stop just short of the shipper to take a nap. We will gain back hours to drive again in a few minutes when we will head on to the shipper. It is a preloaded trailer so things should go smoothly. We won’t broadcast the few blocks from the truckstop to the shipper, but as soon as we sign the bills and get going, we will start broadcasting and begin the trip to Texas! So glad to be rid of that goobersnort trip from California!

9 thoughts on “Delivered!

  1. Good riddance “load from California!!”
    Can you say what it was that delivered to Utah?
    Thanks and good morning from a toasty -10°F here in PA 🙂

  2. Hi Steve! I’ve been riding with you since you left California on Monday. I’ve enjoyed the trip. Keep on trucking brother.

    Mike in Richmond, Virginia

  3. hi steve snowman says your in Jolly TX but GPS on website says your in Henrietta, TX

    wish is right ?

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