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Delays, repairs, and knowledge

Howdy! This morning there was lots of confusion with the planners switching trips and changing their mind several times. In the end, we are staying with our original trip to California. At the same time, we noticed some issues that needed immediate repairs with the loaded trailer. The trailer shop is currently working on this and as soon as we are road worthy again we will start the remainder of our trip. In the meantime, watch this video which is a very good explanation of how freight has changed lately and how things domino into creating a shortage at your local grocery store.

8 thoughts on “Delays, repairs, and knowledge

  1. Excellent video, Our HUGE Toyota dealership’s inventory is way way down, not sure why. This is a crazy time for everyone, to be sure.

    1. I found when I went past a Ford dealership last week their display yard just about empty. One of my sons said the same in a couple other areas. When I went past today they had the used vehicles moved from the used vehicle side to the new side, and they had them spread out.

  2. Interesting and informative video. On-time delivery has been happening in Ontario for many years now, although not as bad as it is now I expect. My son was telling me of the time he arrived at a delivery in Kitchener with the workers sitting on the dock. As he pulled in they all stood up and started cheering. They could get back to work finally.

    This way of doing business may have to be re-thought by the powers that be.

  3. The shortages of goods are evident just about everywhere. Empty bread shelves at Dollar General are a regular occurrence, and the twice-weekly trucks that restock the store apparently aren’t bringing much bread with them, because I’ve seen the shelves empty or nearly empty less than an hour after a truck leaves.

  4. Bread can do without but real urgent concern i have is Cheetoes supply is being ramped up to meet demand!! Also Aunt Jemimah needs is top priority!! So as far as all else will make do with what is available!! Desperate times call for desperate measures !!

  5. This happened because someone forgot to equally distribute the elements four billion years ago

  6. Anyway, was the load rejected because you got there at the wrong time or was something wrong with the shipment?

  7. Andrew I could not agree with you more, we have the same
    problem in the U.K. Supermarket shelves are empty so blame
    It on the shortage of truck drivers.
    This also has given them to put the prices on almost everything.

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