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Delays and confusion

What Up Road Crew!? We are in a delay status for the moment. It seems the tractor tire came off the rim, not completely, but not secured airtight and inflated. An observation shows no holes, nails, or damage to the tire. The tire was fine at our delivery but as soon as we got to the yard to swap trailers, we noticed it. Right now we are in line at the tire shop.

21 thoughts on “Delays and confusion

  1. Praying repair happens quickly.
    Thanks for the update Steve. Hopefully see you soon.

  2. Thanks for the update Steve hopefully they get it fixed asap

  3. Sadly, this tractor seems a bit cursed 🙁

    1. this has nothing to due with steve truck there was a issue with the tires on the load he picked up

      1. David, the message steve left said a tractor tire was the problem, not a trailer tire.
        So it could be said that steve’s truck, his tractor, is somewhat cursed with probs.

      2. The post says the tractor tire. Unless he just mis-typed?

  4. That’s a coincidence, I’m getting my knee fixed tomorrow!! Hope you are back on the road sooner than me!

    1. Good Luck to ya Wally….

  5. Hope you just replace both, sounds like a dirty bead or bad rim.

  6. I don’t know Steve but my leel of confidence in that tire has been deflated.

    1. That was level of confidence.

      1. So could this tire problem perhaps cause Steve to think of possibility to ===retire???

        1. Retire? Considering the miles Steve does per year and lately he has had his fair share of tyre issues he should retire?Come on!

  7. Thanks for the update Steve, not having much luck with tires this week.

  8. Thanks for the update….some things are just out of our control!!

  9. Big Rig Steve! You gotta stay out of Ohio! Seems like every time you are here there are mechanical issues of some sort!
    Good luck and thanks for the amazing views of the United States

  10. Hi bigrigsteve i hope you can be on the road again today or tomorrow to we miss you bigrigsteve we love you bigrigsteve and road crew to and I will see the road again today or tomorrow to

  11. Oof thats not good lucky it didnt came off completely hopefully in a couple hours you’ll be on the road!

  12. Thanks for the update!

  13. As Forrest Gump said “It Happens”.
    This too shall pass.

  14. It’s all caused by those squeaky front brakes sending ultrasonic shock waves through the tyres.

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