Delays and ah hecks

Good evening everyone. We arrived at our shipper about an hour late from our loading appointment. We did everything we could but the previous delivery combined with afternoon rush hour in the Los Angeles area made it impossible to arrive on time. We have let the bosses know and see what they want to do with this situation. This delay now pushes everything else out so we might end up losing this trip and/or the next one. I’ll update the blog as soon as I find out what we are doing. Goodnight from San Bernardino, California!

12 thoughts on “Delays and ah hecks

  1. well on the bright side of things if you dont get a new trip or some in you might be able too take a 34hr restart or do a 34hr restart and have a nic weekdend off of no driveing

    may be we can get a road crew show in and may be a segway ride at some point this weekend

    1. I think a segway adventure might be out of the question unless Steve somehow ends up in Palm Springs. Even with my posting below, I think what will likely happen is that Steve will end up getting loaded on his current trip in the morning and will be cutting it close to delivery followed quickly by his next trip. Since he is pretty much out of LA, he can make it into the Phoenix area by mid afternoon.

  2. i think i saw a little truck stop parking site has we came off the freeway not sure if you can park there but if you can park there and every thing you think you can open up snowman eyes?

  3. Hope the powers that be get things straightened out for you. I never would have found that dirt parking lot or had any clue it was safe to park there. And the road crew can even go across the street to Denny’s and get a late night burger or early morning Grand Slam breakfast. 😉 Safe travels and Lord bless.

  4. That is LA traffic for you. On the bright side, you got out of delivery in under 40 minutes the other day. Then you got to enjoy a short trip yesterday though delivery took longer than expected. But the latter wasn’t as bad as the delivery clients that kept you waiting for hours while they took their sweet time not unloading you. At the very least, the new trip might include some good backroads traveling.

  5. LA traffic.. All you need to know. My sister was stuck in the dreaded 94/90/80 interchange traffic up to Michigan..

  6. we have all of our appointments…..all late night and overnight. And yes, in this 100 degree weather, the camera does overheat in the sun. As soon as the sun gets behind me I will turn snowman back on.

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