Dale and 30 minutes

Afternoon ya’ll.  We picked up our load nice and early this morning.  I was expecting it to be a live load but we arrived and it was preloaded and waiting on us. That sure was good news.  Now, here is the tricky part…we just got a full set of 70 hours last week in Kansas City and now we only have less than six as of right now. We do not gain back any time tomorrow.  We have to stretch the remaining few hours over today and tomorrow!  Obviously that is not enough time to make it to our delivery so since we deliver on Saturday morning,  we will have to wake up early enough to finish the trip when we gain back hours Saturday at 1201am mountain time.  Our goal for today is reach St Louis,spend the night and see if we are better off doing another restart there (34 hours) or heading out in the morning with the hour or two we have available to use tomorrow.  I’m thinking another restart so we can get back 70 more and roll hard again!

Your thoughts?  When I used to broadcast with Ustream, I let the cameras roll until dark. What do you think about now and then me doing broadcasts of truckstop activities?  They would be separate from the driving videos of course….