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Daily Summary for 6/8/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day 18:30 EDT parked safely at J near Catlettsburg, Kentucky. 

Title:  Weirdo in the ditch spotted today 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 10:03 EDT near Zion Crossroads, Virginia. We started with empty trailer dead heading to shipper. 

Trailer refer fuel tank needed to be topped off and trailer inside blown out. We stopped at Loves ❤️to accomplish along with fueling ⛽️the Blue Comet. Afterwards BRS advised that we are 49 gallons away from reaching Loves gold status. Also advised next three fuel stops are at Loves so we will surpass meeting Gold level for July rewards. 

As we rolled to shipper, BRS advised that we should not have any trailer issues as it was preloaded and a brand new trailer. Arrival was 12:05 EDT at shipper. 

Stream resumed at 12:34 EDT after completing the drop and hook and BRS reset all of the broadcasting equipment to clear up issues with the on screen telemetry display and the truck computer.

Next need was mass/weight check back at the Loves and getting breakfast/lunch; yep, hotdogs. We are extremely heavy but moving trailer tandems back two holes was the ticket. 

13:00 EDT rolling bound for Utah. 

 13:30 EDT Crossed the Maury River in Virginia .

13:37 EDT Blue Comet rolls past 116,000 miles “that calls for a Belvita”

16:13 EDT west of Beckley, West Virginia we pass Greg Treadway on I-64 as Steve stated “the weirdo is in the ditch “ as Greg was parked on service road standing by the fence holding up his official Big Rig Steve Road Crew yellow and black flag as Steve honked the Blue Comet and the rest of the road crew waved at Greg. Yes, he has the record for most times waving at Steve in the ditch. 

Numbers :1,763 mile 2,837 km to the receiver drop before midnight Monday. We covered 344 miles 553 km today rolling to shipper then out of Virginia, through West Virginia into Kentucky.

Clocks : 3:50 hours on the 11 hr, 5:00 hours on the 14 hr, 13:15 hours on the 70 hr, gain back 23 minutes tomorrow morning and 8:30 hours on Saturday morning, 7:00 hours on Sunday morning. We are 49 gallons away from Loves gold status for July. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels

Welcome to Kentucky 

Please post comments anything of importance or interest of today’s trip that was not included or feedback for Steve about today broadcast.