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Daily Summary for 6/15/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done safely parked for the day 16:07 PDT near Lovelock, Nevada. Watch party started to run out the balance of today’s stream time.

Title: Big Rig Star ⭐️ conquered western Utah and most of Nevada 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 9:40 MDT near West Valley City, Utah in the rain ☔️ after picking up the load. We rolled on I-80 westbound headed to Nevada

11:42 PDT we stopped for Fuel at the Loves ❤️ near Wells, Nevada and a discussion about signal commenced as we left the station by BRS, worth playing back if you want to learn more about that.

Tomorrow’s plan subject to change, as always, with Big Rig Travels to start day without alarm clock, roll over the pass and end the day approximately 90 miles 144 km from receiver due to no parking nearby. So that puts us near Sacramento, California. Plan is to possibly broadcast live ride on the scooter on paths nearby the truck stop.

Numbers :317 mile 510 km to the receiver in Oakland, California, delivery is Saturday morning at 5:00 PDT, we covered 443 miles 712 km. 

Clocks : 2:49 hours on 11 hr,  4:07 hours on 14 hr, 60:23 hours on 70 hr, do not gain back  hours tomorrow morning. Stopped today just prior to needing mandatory 30 minute break.

We are 286 gallons away from Loves platinum status for July.

Yes, no issues for the stream today with one continuous stream. Whoo hoo!

Another good day for Big Rig Travels

Welcome to Nevada 

Please post comments anything of importance or interest of today’s trip that was not included or feedback for Steve about today broadcast.