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Daily Summary for 5/12/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day at 11:55 EDT near Broadview Heights, Ohio at a service plaza on I-80. 

Update: BRS said “Surprise!”( As always possible)Steve’s plan has changed Yes 21:30 EDT BRS rolled Blue Comet out of the service plaza back on to the Ohio Turnpike Pike I-80 eastbound as BRS had called and learned the Shipper could start loading us early. What ends up happening with that mess will be on the next summary.
Bigrigtravels. com website in the green trip information section a update on status reported.

Title: Short travel day 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 8:14 EDT near Mantua, Ohio.  “Only thing we have to do today is behave.” We headed to receiver for live delivery. 

BRS didn’t have to flip the camera to BRS view mode as we arrived at receiver. 

9:30 EDT while offloading Steve discussed with the BRT Road Crew on the YouTube broadcast chat about plans for the upcoming Belvidere Days  broadcast and the yellow duck race. Play back the stream to learn about what is being planned . 

11:26 EDT near Richfield, OH we stopped for Pilot coffee. Issues with finding a parking so we left. Yes, you need to watch playback as it’s impossible to describe properly what occurred. 

Play above to watch

Numbers: 25 miles 40 km to shipper. We have open appointment 1:00 EDT – 4:00 EDT.  Yep, not Steve’s favorite time of day, but with slow freight we have to take what is available and this trip will get us home for off time. We covered 45 miles 72km in Ohio including delivery. Clocks 🕰️ 9:00 + hours on 11 hr, 9:51 hours on 14 hr, 59:49 hours on the 70 hr.

Steve noted that we will plan (as always, this is subject to change) to arrive at shipper 1:00 EDT and if it is as advertised a preload we will drive some afterwards. Also noted last time we loaded at this shipper, the load was also preload and ended up being live load. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels 

Welcome to Ohio

Please leave your comment for Big Rig Steve on today’s travel 

4 thoughts on “Daily Summary for 5/12/2023

  1. So Steve as he started out said all we have to duo is behave and look what that got him?? Might have been better off then to have mis-behaved??/ So now to have gotten there at wee hours of morning==i know this is getting ahead of summery==as have read info in green area of homepage==partially loaded then plant has malfunction?? I will go out on a limb and declare the Lorna has put a curse on BRT due to being denied ice cream access!! Okay al this silliness only for love of Steve and all Brt world and crew!! Have blessed day all!!

  2. I’ve been to Twinsburg, Ohio a number of times to deliver and/or pick up trucks at one of the customers of one of the companies I contracted with.

    1. Dale
      Thank you for sharing your insight on today’s travel

  3. Oh how i sure hope that Ric-Rac pen wont dry up with all delays and hopefully will still remember Steve and BRT World==Okay just a way to add a little laugh as been very parched with all this delay!! Lol Lol Okay so==Mash-It ??

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