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Daily Summary for 5/11/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day safely parked in a turnpike plaza near Mantua, Ohio at 16:55 EDT. 

Title: Beautiful ride across Pennsylvania today 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 10:12 EDT  at Loves ❤️near Jonestown, Pennsylvania back on to I-81 towards the shipper with fresh coffee for the trip.

Steve updated us on current status, on freight movement and the repeating circles of trucking. Advised that two premieres were released (that Oshyan was kind to remaster and post for our enjoyment) while we waited for a trip. Also, update on reviews he has been working on and the status of those. BRS said “glad to see you all”. “I bet you all don’t remember who I am.”

Yes Steve, we remember and we missed listening to you “do do dupe dupe”. (Jim Janet just cover your ears) we enjoy listening to Big Rig Steve and been having withdrawal symptoms from not hearing BRS original songs and musings. 

 BRS spins camera around quick to view our tour guide mode at the shipper for the drop and hook of much needed load for the Road Crew to spend time with Steve again on the road.

BRS advised “We are 213 gallons from Gold Loves status for June”. 

Yay! The load is ready. Streak is broken. Status is requested to be changed by behind the senes staff  to “On time to delivery 9:30 EDT tomorrow,” along with another song. 

Blue Mountain tunnel at 13:00 EDT near Newburg, PA. Instructions were issued on what Road Crew needed to do just prior to entering. 

16:11 EDT on I-76 we entered Ohio near Petersburg. A short time later, we rolled through the toll plaza and onto the Ohio turnpike.

Numbers:  24 miles 38 km to delivery  tomorrow, this is closest place to park. We covered 330 miles 531 km today including drop and hook at shipper. We rolled across Pennsylvania and into Ohio. Clocks 6:24 hours on the 14 hr clock ️. Yep, stream buffers out so that concludes numbers. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels 

Even bigger day for BRT road crew getting back to riding with Big Rig Steve!

Welcome to Ohio 

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