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Daily Summary for 3/20/2023

Big Rig Travels broadcast day ended as Blue Comet arrived safely at delivery 17:30 PDT.  Update 18:20 PDT, BRS reported receiver at delivery advised that 5000+ cases, it will be a 9 or 10 hour unload. No problem, we bobtailed to truck stop and will pick up the empty in the morning. 

Title: Show up early? Show up late?

BRT broadcast day began 9:12 PDT as beautiful sunshine morning was occurring at the Pilot near Weeds, CA, elevation 3,678 feet. 

We rolled back onto I-5 northbound, Steve advised yesterday we had 9.7 miles per gallon and after climbing mountains today, was down to 7 miles per gallon. 

BRS at 9:20 PDT had story about dispatch discussion. 

Near Grenada, CA 9:45 PDT at 2,533 feet elevation, BRS noted today was a beautiful ride. 

Yellow sign at 9:54 PDT noted when lights flashing chains required. BRS said, “No chains required today”

Welcome to Oregon sign greeted BRS at 10:26 PDT and elevation of 3,330 feet.

At 4,200 feet of elevation we reached the summit where BRS had the BC taking the required brake stop test before rolling down the seven miles of grade. The yellow advisory sign suggested 18 mph speed for fully loaded big trucks going down the grade. 

Steve advised we will let the super truckers race down. Safety first “we will be just fine going down safely”. BRS navigated BC down at just over 20 miles per hour without using the air brakes. Yes, the engine brake kept us correctly on the set speed. Steve said the Blue Comet service person had advised that brakes were still like new.  Yes Steve is professional at saving brake pad life. 

10:59 PDT mass/weight station stop no issues perfect weight on truck 33,800lbs and 34,000lbs on the trailer tandem. Yes that is why where running with very low fuel only 1/8 of tank in the truck tanks to keep us legal.

BRS advised at 11:52 PDT, near Grant Pass, that the BC reached 100,000 miles.

Steve rolled into the Loves at Roseburg, Oregon on fumes after the BC was on E coming down the hill. BRT Road Crew member John met while Steve was adding some fuel, just enough to get BC to delivery. Steve signed back of John’s t- shirt in front of the BC after fueling was completed. Steve received an In-N-Out burger t-shirt from John. Also, Steve noted while rolling out that John had checked, prior to our arrival, to make sure Loves had plenty of onions ready for Steve to add to his hot dogs . BRS noted 84 gallons left to get Gold status. Yes, we are past goal of Gold by 10th of the month. 

BRS exited off I-5 and Oregon 34 road sign shield (thank you Mark V ) appeared quickly due to a change that had been made. He found a place to wait for delivery check in time where a watch party started. 

BRS did make an attempt for an early delivery, but was sent away for 2 hours. “Danged if you show up early, danged if you show up late.” Numbers zero miles 0 km  to delivery. We covered the advertised 285 miles to delivery today.  

Clocks: Hours on the 70 hour clock when we started today and hours gained back tomorrow: 16:13 hours and 04:47 hours. 

Steve advised the next trip is going to be a tight 2 day trip that delivers at 1 am on the 23rd. Starts tomorrow. Watch the website for status updates.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels!

Welcome to Oregon! 

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