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Daily Summary for 3/18/2023

Big Rig Steve arrived safely at receiver in Stockton, California 9:05 PDT, completed delivery for the trailer drop and ended the broadcast day.

Title: Another Day in the warmth of central California 

Broadcast started with the return of our tour guide Big Rig Steve 8:35 PDT from Sunny Lathrop, California with a short trip to Stockton, CA up I-5. 

BRS advised “Yes, we have a longer trip.” We are just not sure when it is going to be ready. 

The BC Truck service was an all day process yesterday and completed around 4:00 PDT, Steve noted.

First stop today was the Pilot to top of refer fuel tank. Steve described the Pilot/Flying J rewards program. Apparently they have improved the app and the rewards. 

Rolled back onto I-5 northbound until near French Camp, exited east on local roads towards the destination. BRS had advised that currently freight is very limited.

As always have patience, Steve has everything under control. 

Numbers covered 12 miles 19 km today including delivery.  70 hours clock was updated on the website  13:54 hrs and gain back 07:59 hrs tomorrow. No need for reset as hours will continue to come back each day. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels. 

Enjoy another day of sunshine in California. 

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