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Daily Summary for 3/1/2024

Big Rig Steve and BRT broadcast day ended at 14:59 CST in Dallas, TX after checking in at the receiver and confirming we would have to wait as unloading has to wait until midnight. It was later learned on X by BRS that he got a door earlier than expected.  Status is now: Delivery completed, waiting for next load.

Title: Reminiscing in BRS old stomping grounds

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began at 12:50 CST in Saginaw, TX. We start in a Walgreens parking lot with sunshine and clear sky as BRS needed allergy meds.

BRS day had started earlier as he had arrived at shipper and was in the door at 8:00 CST.  He later tweeted on X, that the live load finally started at 10:30 CST.  

We stopped at Fuel City AMBest at 13:09 CST for a windshield cleaning, fresh coffee and pizza.  BRS had received some instructions that he needed to be eating more.

BRS points out “Whataburger!!” at 14:39 CST. 

Throughout the trip BRS was busy pointing out places that he had visited or recognized since he had lived here earlier in his life.  Bringing us through the best parts, including the canyon.

We arrived at receiver for check in at 14:44 CST near Dallas, TX.  Luckily, they have onsite parking for us to wait.  BRS was going to finish his pizza and relax. BRS hoped we enjoyed the trip today on the Texas express.  Megacity tour, Saginaw Fort Worth and Dallas.  Delivery appointment was to be 1:00 CST.

Numbers: 0 miles 0 km to receiver/shipper.  We covered about 45 miles km rolling through Dallas Fort Worth area.

Clocks: ?? hours on 11 hr,  ?? hours on 14 hr,  70 hours on 70 hr. clock when we started the day.  Do not gain back hours tomorrow morning. 

No alarm clock ⏰ tomorrow.   Choose the BRT YouTube channel alarm bell to receive notifications for the start of our broadcast.

Welcome to the constantly growing Big Rig Travels family. Big Rig Steve is glad to have you as part of the family.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels.

Welcome to Dallas!

Please post comments anything of importance or interest of today’s trip that was not included or feedback for Steve about todays broadcast. 

Yes, if you have missed today you can replay some or all of today’s trip. Choose the YouTube channel tab on Bigrigtravels website and while you’re at the website check out the BRT store for BRT merchandise.