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Daily Summary for 2/11/2023

BRS, as he arrived at the company shop at 10:37 EST, concluded our travels for the day and the weekend. Steve was going to use an idea that I had had at another stop at a Chicago receiver some time ago to offer a BRT medallion in exchange for faster service. You will soon read how that worked out.

Big Rig Steve at 09:35 EST departed Marengo, OH where the temperature was 19 F degrees. The trip is so we could get new batteries for the Blue Comet. Steve advised that he was testing a new camera for the trip to the shop in Columbus, OH. The BRT RC were also going to be guinea pigs as BRS experimented with the stream.

The first stop was at the Pilot for coffee in Marengo.

BRS advised that Columbus was the worst shop for wait times, so we had been forewarned of what was to become. Steve advised that Columbus was hosting an event happening today, a POLAR PLUNGE! Steve thought about attending in order to document and participate in the event. (Polar plunges consists of cutting a large hole in the ice of a frozen body of water and then having daring participates jump into the frigid water for fun). Steve then said, “you’ve got to be kidding me! No Way!”

Steve reminded us to not forget about the BRS store special which runs through this weekend only. Purchase a BRT official medallion and get a free membership card.

Discussion about the new case which was on the camera phone, Steve discussed adding a wireless microphone, as he could not use the current microphone with this case. Yes, to learn more about that, reach out to Jim/Janet Martin or watch the stream replay at 9:57 EST as that’s enough said about that.

At 10:03 EST, on I-71 N, BRS spotted a coyote just after going under an overpass, standing on the grass in the ditch. Shortly afterwards on the right, we passed the Waffle House in Sunbury, OH.

As we rolled onto I-270, discussion of broadcasting in different outputs to test sound. BRT RC cooperation with the testing was appreciated by BRS.

Steve advised to go to the website to the photography tab and check out the picture of the day as again Marengo provided a great image for the night.

He did find out that the Columbus shop “works a half day on Saturdays, and are closed on Sundays. The shop will handle the battery issues on Monday. (BRS) is using 2 free hotel nights, so he will be relaxing and just hanging out – stress free! Next update will be on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!”

Welcome to Columbus, OH! Please check the website status bar starting Monday as we wait for our next trip. Have a good weekend crew.