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Daily Summary for 2/10/2023

Big Rig Steve was done broadcasting for the day at 16:55 EST as he let us go while arriving at the receiver at Marengo Ohio to complete the trailer drop.  Today’s episode title is Frustration Friday

No, Steve did not go back home to wait for a new week to start. Nope, BRS rolled with the punches again today. Yes, the sun was shining on Big Rig Steve today, so all was not so bad unlike the gloomy weather of yesterday’s travel.

Yes, today was a normal BRT Freaky Friday, which quickly turned into Frustration Friday.  Steve started the stream at 9:39 CST after going back to the shipper to get the previous day’s preloaded trailer. Yes, the refer issues were still not repaired. BRS was instructed to go get the trailer and bring it to the Gary yard for repair. 

Steve advised that the new BRT 16 year logo was created by BRT RC member viewer Jeff as he had emailed his creation to Steve last evening. Thank you Jeff, it looks great.

BRS also noted that many viewers had taken Steve up on the free membership card with every BRT Medallion purchase deal in the website store.

We then rolled on I-80 east into and through the mass (weigh) station in Mokena, IL with no issues. After exiting the mass station BRS observed a trailer with “no back door and no roof”.

As we rolled toward Gary at 10:20 CST a phone call changed everything. We were now instructed to skip the refer repairs and take the load to the receiver as they were needing the load asap, in whatever condition it was in, due to the refer not running.  

At 10:49 CST BRS discussed about lost fuel bonus due to the issues of the truck batteries needing replacement and the frustration was flowing. Yes, we had an insider view of what goes on normally behind the scenes of BRT (or normally muted audio). 

Plymouth, Indiana at 12:44 CST was our familiar stop again at the Loves for fuel, coffee in hand and refill of BRS thermos with much needed vitamin water. Shortly after rolling again BRS told story about dinner last evening when the .99 cent bag of frozen vegetable was steamed in the microwave and then opened to discover even though they did not expire until January of 2024 (wait for it, another disappointment) they were discolored and did not look good at all. No way Steve said “well no were not eating this! kind of bummed me out”

After leaving Plymouth, Steve discussed possible next plans including going to Columbus for replacement of the truck batteries. Apparently, the discussion of earlier in the day did get the head bosses attention and we are now not able to accept any other trips as we are locked out until the issue is resolved. The trailer is also written up for the needed repairs and will most likely need to get repaired. Steve was disappointed with the start of our 16th year and advised viewers to hang in, that we will get back to normal soon.  BRS advised that you don’t cover nearly 2 million miles without having some of the days totally muckied up.

At 13:15 we had 217 miles 349 km to the receiver to go …Steve said can we just make it to the weekend without any more troubles.

BRS advised at 13:26 that with all going on in the early part of the day that he had not been able to update the 70 hour clock on BRT website, so we went through the clocks at that point (even though Steve said they really do not make any difference as the week as been a mess) we had 7:40 on the 11 hour,  9:33 on the 14 hour, 46:45 on the 70 hour. 4:49 until 8 hour 30 minute break (Steve had  another three plus hours after these were discussed). We covered the advertised 332 miles 531 km today out of Illinois across Indiana and back into Ohio. 

Steve’s Motto applies for today’s trip. “Any day that we do not have to fill out accident paperwork is a good day!” Delivery was completed.

Watch the website for updates on the status bar for tomorrow adventures. Welcome all back to Ohio!