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Daily Summary for 1/31/2024

Big Rig Steve broadcast day ends at 13:16 PST near the yard in Jurupa Valley, California.  Watch the website for updates for next trip.

Title: Completing the trip

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began at 5:35 PST from BRS secret hiding spot, continuing our trip to Brea, CA.  Stopped at the Flying J at 5:45 PST for coffee.

Check the sunrise in this next photo, seen in his side mirror.

Arrived near receiver at 7:10 PST.  Parked on the street to check in. Backed into the door at the dock at 7:24 PST to wait for our live unload.  

Another trip successfully completed at 11:53 PST.

On our way back on CA hwy 60, at 12:38 PST, BRS describes an accident that we roll up on, “car facing the wrong way, what’s up with that?”

Stopped for coffee at the Flying J at 12:46 PST near Jurupa Valley, CA.  No parking there, so he decides to go to the terminal for the night.  We currently do not have a next trip.  

While at the yard, Blue Comet sustained another injury, the other mirror being hit by another truck.

Numbers:  We covered about 68 miles 110 km rolling within the greater Los Angeles area, including his delivery.

Clocks: 51:14 hours on 70 hr when we started the day.  Do not gain back hours tomorrow morning. 

No alarm clock ⏰ tomorrow.   Choose the BRT YouTube channel alarm bell to receive notifications for the start of our broadcast.

Welcome to the constantly growing Big Rig Travels family. Big Rig Steve is glad to have you as part of the family.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels.

Welcome to southern CA, LA area.

Please post comments anything of importance or interest of today’s trip that was not included or feedback for Steve about todays broadcast. 

Yes, if you have missed today you can replay some or all of today’s trip. Choose the YouTube channel tab on Bigrigtravels website and while you’re at the website check out the BRT store for BRT merchandise.