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Daily Summary for 1/28/2023

BigRigSteve broadcast concluded for the day at 16:45 EST as we arrived at the receiver for delivery drop in Union City Georgia.

We rolled out of Kuttawa, Kentucky at 8:30am CST. Casey Mallory BRT road crew member predicted early on this morning that Atlanta would be the stopping point today which proved to be correct.

Stop for fuel⛽️ and coffee ☕️ at Loves ❤️ in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

January has been good month so far Steve noted we now are 142 gallons over Diamond level status for the month with four days to go. That is first time he has achieved going over by a substantial amount with more gallons yet to purchase this month. 

As we entered Nashville, traffic issues were addressed and ended up being non-issue today. Steve advised that a big rig passing was a million dollar cargo. Yes he noted it was load of eggs 🥚.

Somewhat prior to the climb up Monteagle Mountain Steve had a history quiz question on what event happened 20 years ago. You need to watch the stream back to find out the answer. We cruised past the runaway truck ramps as Steve gently guided the Blue Comet down Monteagle. We did pass two different big rigs that had overheated 🥵 brake issues after apparently going down the mountain too fast.

We rolled today across Kentucky into Tennessee with a short duck in and out of Georgia on I-24 (confusing due to the road being built going around the south side of the Mountain, prior to going into Chattanooga, TN causing the crossing of state lines) then back into Tennessee rolling on to I-75 in Chattanooga, eventually going south back into Georgia. 

Carterville, GA the sun was taken over by clouds where BRS said “where did the sun go! “ This also where our stop occurred to top of the trailer (refer) fuel tank prior to dropping at receiver for delivery. As predicted earlier in the day by a BRT RC members. (congratulations member you know who you are). Of course, also a cup of Loves coffee and by sounds more free promo Oreo cookies, along with the purchase of BRS fan favorite onions with side of hotdog acquired during the stop. There was a teaching moment which occurred on the issues of a big rig parking in grassy area outside of the truck stop as we exited out.

In Marietta, Georgia, the stop and go traffic of “Hotlanta “ began eating our ⏱️ time. Luckily traffic conditions improved as we went on.

Delivery was a drop on time (actually a day early). Woo Hoo! Steve was then going try and find safe secret parking spot for the night.

Numbers : we traveled the advertised 363 miles 584km to complete the balance of the trip today. Clocks 🕰️: the only one that counts is the :48 minutes remaining on the 70 hr as we arrived. Most of that will be needed to complete the drop and find parking. 

Gain back tomorrow morning approximately 10 hours:30 minutes.

Next trip starts tomorrow afternoon. Watch website for posting of next trip (BRS noted he will need some travel to get to the shipper) and status bar for updates and tomorrow morning the posting of Sunday song. 

Update Steve Bobtailed out to parking as it is easier to find parking without a trailer. Unfortunately it’s dirt lot that charges for parking. Steve will go back and get a empty trailer tomorrow morning before going to next shipper.

Welcome to Georgia!

6 thoughts on “Daily Summary for 1/28/2023

  1. Fantastic Details. BTS Fans must Share these.
    Is he over P or D?

  2. Great job, RicRac! Love these! We were on the road for a little trip down to Jim Thorpe PA today to take the Lehigh Gorge Train Excursion ride. Beautiful sunny January day in the mountains of Pennsylvania!

  3. Just some extra notes… we are actually 142 gallons past DIAMOND, not platinum.
    We dropped our loaded trailer and decided to bobtail out since we can find parking as a bobtail easier than dragging a full size trailer behind us. We will go back in the morning and retrieve an empty trailer to use on the next trip. Junky dirt lot truckstop tonight, costs $10.

    1. Thanks Steve
      Correction and update completed

    2. I have a good question for you dos that 142 gallon Count Towards gold status for March? If not that sucks lol

      1. Nope.

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