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Crazy month!

Hey! Guess what? We sat for 7+ hours to get loaded at the shipper for this load. The delay made us miss our first delivery appointment. We sat the weekend with no new appointment. Yesterday they gave us the new appointment of Monday at 230pm. We arrived at the delivery and was told they show the appointment is really Tuesday at 230pm. We got turned away and have come back to the truckstop while the big bosses figure things out. This in turn makes us miss both the loading and delivery appointments of our next trip. Yikes, this month has been a difficult one for trips that have all of this unnecessary confusion. Wish me luck. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

BTW, congratulations to the latest auction winner! 🏆 They got one big steal! 🙂 I have been making a few changes in our store. The Decals and Magnets section has been redesigned for a cleaner look and I’m introducing our new Quicker Picker Tool on the decals page and the Greeting and Notecards page. Try it out, let me know what you think!

16 thoughts on “Crazy month!

  1. Hey, Steve! I’m in Mattoon right now for the night. How can we meet up?
    I’ve been driving all day so missed the broadcast.

  2. Yikes, it’s a wonder you have any hair left. I was scanning snowman and wondered why you’re back at Love’s watching the Love’s truck move garbage cans around. Ever feel like opening the trailer doors and say “Have at it”? Well, nice job on the website. What’s the over/under on when you’ll start getting complaints? Have fun.

  3. Hang in there! We live and try to work in a crazy world these days. Us people on the front lines can only do so much (head shake)!

  4. Oh man! Thats not nice! Hope you get some info soon. I noticed on the snowman we were on the road and then at a Love’s which I found out later was the Olney one again.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Steve. I appreciate it and congratulations to Marianna on winning the auction! 😀👍🏻

  5. Wow Steve! I hope you can at least get some decent detention pay for being stuck away from home with nowhere to go.

  6. Yikes! Feels just like the Prosser, WA event earlier this year when you camped out for a few days at the Love’s there. Hope it all works out for you, Steve.

  7. Awwww man – keep forgetting about the auction items. I’ll have to check it out and set a reminder 🙂

  8. If Steve would have been told from the outset that the appt was Tuesday instead of Monday, he could have remained parked until Tuesday and gotten a 34 hr restart out of it.

    Since he had to drive to the customer on Monday only to be turned away, that took away the oppprtunity to reset the 70 hr clock.

  9. Hey there Steve!! Need to re-vise recording Lord Lord Stuck In Lodi Again to ++== Stuck In Only Again !! Till Msh-It or Mesh-It time ==hang in there!!

  10. sounds like your dispatcher has lost the plot?

    1. The dispatch has nothing to do with appointments or customer service

  11. i sure steves wantes to be driveing but at the same time i think he likes the down time has well it gives him a ch to play with the website a lttle and make some changes too the site for us too enjoy and all so gives him a ch to do what ever paper work thats needs too get done

  12. Steve – I feel your pain. Been there many times. When you refer to “the big bosses” are you referring to company dispatch or brokers? From personal experience brokers tend to promise shippers/receivers the world but may have a difficult time delivering on their promises. Company dispatchers, for the most, send their drivers on their way but tend to forget about HOS requirements at times. With ELD’s and companies having the ability to monitor their drivers and trucks, as well as the various DOTs able to audit HOS, this issue tends to be less of a problem.
    Hang in there, Steve. Take heart that there are some of us out here who know what you are experiencing.

    1. the big bosses include anyone involved with whatever the current situation is. Most of the time, it’s a misunderstanding between the planners, customers and service representatives

  13. Ouch! But , on the bright side…..that 70 hour clock shouldn’t be much of an issue moving forward….

    1. Steve was not parked long enough to reset it…..He drove to the customer on Monday only to be turned away until Tuesday….He would have had to be parked for at least 34 hours straight without any driving in order to reset the 70hr clock.

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