Cottonwood and Dothan

Howdy! We are currently waiting for our next trip. While waiting, I just brought the Trip Journal up to date:)

So, our delivery appointment was 2200 last night but we arrived very early and parked on the street outside the delivery gate. I had read the horrible reviews left by other truckers about this location so was concerned it was going to be a difficult night ahead. As the storms came and went, a car pulled up about two hours before my appointment and told me to go ahead in and get a door. While they didn’t actually start unloading until the scheduled time, it was still very nice they came out and got me in a door early. Once they started unloading, we were back out on the street with signed bills in hand just two hours later. Not bad in my book!

As soon as we get more information about our next trip, I’ll let ya know! BTW, if you go to the Merchandise Store, please take note of the important message about International orders…. seems that New York is holding all packages both in and outbound from most countries.

15 thoughts on “Cottonwood and Dothan

  1. Geez Steve maybe you might get an international based store based in Canada sometime in the future. Canada has more trade agreements to a wider array of countries than the USA.

  2. I see your trip has changed.from Alabama/South Carolina to Alabama/Georgia/Indiana….:)

    As the wheels turn….

  3. Glad you enjoyed your brief stay in the Dothan area or as the locals call it the Wiregrass.My mom lives in Headland which is north of Dothan.Nice area of Alabama which is known for all the peanuts they grow in the area so much so that every fall they have a National Peanut Festival.

        1. Hummm nummm nummmnumm, Nuts nuts, and more nuts, woohoo landed in paradise… hey wait where are you guys ?? hello … ?

  4. you probably should phone the mayor of Dothan to speed up his city’s stop lights.. You spent more time waiting at intersections then you did actually getting there!

  5. I wish to register an official protest–waiting room attendant needs to be charged for being AWOL!!! I entered long line of chats and was made to fell like man hanging from a limb left there to dry!!.Am filing official claim of no support!! But am realistic as this claim will be like one legged man filing claim before judge.Judge tells him–sorry you dont have a leg to stand on !! Clain Denied–see what happens when one is without a trip!!

    1. I have deleted the offline chatroom. Not sure what happened, but if there was trouble, I apologize Jim.

      1. Hey Steve no problem!! All of BRT is best of best way for old man like me to occupy my time.. All is for me a adventure –road trip chats singing–yes even that is something i tolerate–but still best advice Steve–keep your driver job!! God bless you in all you do and thanks for TREAT of BRT!!!

  6. Good Morning I was hoping that you were going to do a restart. It was crazy your last trip being limited daily to the amount of hours you had on your 70 hour clock. Relax my friend

  7. hi Steve too bad you are not closer too IL to where you take your time off could have stop buy the house and got a few things done

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