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Cool weather coming…

Afternoon Road Crew!  Freight seems to be slow around here this week. We do have our next trip lined up but I haven’t posted it yet because I have been working out bugs and adding new items to the BigRigTravels Store. We will load tomorrow morning and I’ll update trip information tonight. It seems the new YouTube broadcast graphics on the website like to play a disappearing act! Basically,  most YouTube users do not have heavy traffic like we do. In order to do special things  with YouTube data, such as embed in a website other than theirs, you need an API key which allows my website to call and directly pull information from YouTube. One key serves as enough for most users, but we have had to use four keys to handle our website traffic. Marco, our resident hamster technical guru, has been writing our custom scripts that automatically switch between different keys every 6 hours. At this time , it appears some keys are working correctly while others aren’t.

Just added to the BigRigTravels Store! Pre-order your cool weather sweatshirts and pullover clothing, refrigerator magnets or small decals! Simply choose your item, color and sizes then click join waitlist. I will place the orders based on waitlist and replenish my stock levels in a few weeks so you can have them soon. No money is required to reserve your products, you pay when you place your actual order when we get them in our hands.

Click the merchandise tab in the top menu and get your reservation in to be included on the next big printing schedule next month! Don’t forget to check out the two Freightliner metal models you can build yourself! They are in the BigRigTravels Store and would make excellent holiday gifts. Super easy to put together!

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