Cooking Fail on Live TV!

Evening to all of ya. We ran hard this trip and we completed the delivery today with no time left on our 70 hour clock.  We gain back more tomorrow and that works out ok since our next trip doesn’t load until tomorrow night.

So, yesterday I picked up the George Foreman grill that P Tubbs bought for me to cook in the truck.  She wanted to see how it worked and watch me cook tonight.  With that in mind, I set everything up and started a live broadcast for the first cooked meal on my new cooker. Things didn’t quite go as planned though! The inverter I have is rated high enough but has been giving me lots of trouble last few months.  One day it works then next day it doesn’t.  Tonight it would run a few minutes then shutdown.  I looked up the alarm and shutdown code it gave me and it indicates an internal short….which explains why the performance has dropped lately.  No sweat, I got my hamburger cooked enough and ate it up. I will just buy my own, new inverter.  Even with the smaller inverters I have , they all seem to go bad after a few years. Hope you enjoyed the cooking fail show with BigRigSteve !

Many thanks P Tubbs for the grill!  I can’t wait to try it again !

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