Command Decision

Good evening everyone. We dropped our delivery this afternoon and bobtailed to the Flying J truckstop for the night. Our next trip is now posted for all to see. The reason we dropped and bobtailed out was because the next shipper happens to be the exact same building as where we delivered. No point in dragging out an empty just to turn around and bring it back!

The original routing for our trip would have taken us through the backroads of Missouri and Iowa and right through the middle of Winter Storm Harper and it’s 10 inch snow band. Not to mention that the broadcast quality signal would have been horrendous to nonexistent and limited truckstop parking for the storm. The current route shows us running Westbound in the rain band instead of the snow and will put us heading Northbound where the storm is already passing and less intense. By the time we get that way, hopefully the big Interstate will have been salted and plowed clear. This difference only adds 34 extra miles and when compared to the increased safety and less opportunities for trouble staying away from Harper, the benefits outweigh the cost of fuel and time. In this trip, we won’t deliver until Monday anyway, so absolutely no rush!

12 thoughts on “Command Decision

  1. Hello Steve
    Good call on route That is the route I would have taken I-270, I-70, I29 you’ll still have alot of snow to deal with, but 4 lane is way better than 2 lane.
    you bring back so many memories of my driving days. thank you for that. keep safe and doing a wonderful job that you do. I just wish everyone would watch and learn to respect others on the road.
    Thank You
    Aaron P

  2. Makes sense to me. KC is forecast to get 1-3 inches of snow, but that’s way better than up in eastern Iowa. Safe travels and Lord bless.

    P.S. I really like the bald eagle at the top of the website. Not sure if it is new, but I just noticed it a few days ago. 🙂

  3. I live in Aberdeen, South Dakota, which is 90 miles north of Huron. We got 4 inches of snow today and our kids had school all day. However, Sioux Falls, and 84 other area schools, did not have class or activities today. When Sioux Falls calls school off, it’s goinna get ugly in the country.

  4. You’re in the clear as far as where you are headed. States are very good about keeping the roads clear and well salted. Now the cold on the other hand can’t be helped so pack a bear skin especially when you get up to Iowa on Monday.

      1. ok steve i was thinking that may be you might be able too see a little bit of it from under the warping but thanks

        by the way how was dinner ?

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