Clammy clams?

I don’t know about you, but sleeping on the beach sure made me wake up feeling all sticky and clammy! The windows are so covered in salt mist you can barely see! It was cool to do something different than always sit in a long line of noisy trucks for a change. I was going to go walk on Pleasure Pier but they wanted $10 just to be on the pier – and not ride the rides. I suppose I could’ve spent the money but I just didn’t wanna. I could see the big rides and only a few people were there.

I was told our trailer was ready early this morning but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Either the trailer numbers they gave me are wrong, someone took my trailer by mistake, or somebody don’t know what they are talking about. Either way, we came down here for a cup of coffee and nice sausage, ham, egg and cheese breakfast burrito to enjoy until somebody finds us our trailer!