Cincinnati Kentucky

Good afternoon and welcome to the Cincinnati area. We are actually just south of the river over on the Kentucky side. There is very limited truckstop parking around these parts!

I always love spring because in my travels I see tons of baby critters in the fields that we roll by. A few weeks ago, I saw baby Bison. Of course,  I always like seeing all the calfs all sprawled out in the fields.  Sometimes,  all i can see is their head and ears in the tall grass! Alot of the bigger buildings I go to have large ponds or mini lakes on their property.  They are all fixed up nicely with cattails and other vegetation.  I almost always see ducks and African Grey Geese in the area. Today, leaving the shipper,  we had to stop to let mom, dad, and four baby geese cross the street to get to the pond.  When they reached the curb, it was taller than the babies! They all jumped up and of course stumbled in the grass. They all made it and I’m sure went swimming.  Ah, gotta love and enjoy the smiling moments in each and everyday!

We will be sitting here until delivery on Tuesday morning unless something unplanned happens such as another truck breakdown and we repower their load, etc. Enjoy your weekend and remember our troops spread out across the world.  And please remember to drive safe! Sure, you have friends and a BBQ to go to, but if you get in a hurry and drive like an idiot,  that second or two you saved by cutting off a big truck or car might end up delaying you for longer than you think!