Catching up!

Good Saturday Morning! Well, we have been very busy the last two days and I wanted to keep everyone informed but I had trouble getting into my blog once they updated everything! It’s hard to communicate if I can’t access anything!

So, first off, we made two deliveries on Friday. We spent the night in Sparks, Nevada and made the delivery there then ran through the Sierra Nevada Mountains across Interstate 80 and dropped down into Sacramento. It sure was a beautiful drive! I hope you were able to catch some of it on the LIVE broadcast; f not, you know where to find it. The two days prior, we ran up the backroads of Arizona and Nevada. I definitely enjoyed that trip. I did broadcast anytime I had a signal, but as is most often the case, some of the most beautiful areas are in deep canyons or snuggled in between the mountains where no signal reaches! Several videos are listed below this post, including two videos made up of shorter recordings. Figure I would capture what I could one way or another.

Good News! Since we have been without any “in-truck” communications because of a bad Qualcomm computer, we have been maintaining paper logs and making tons of calls to stay informed from dispatch. After we made our final delivery in downtown Sacramento, we went to the shop to get it replaced. They had me in and out in about 4 hours!

I did manage to stop off in the Historic Gold Mining Town of Goldfield, Nevada and scoot around on the Segway and roam the dusty streets while filming via the GoPro and taking still photos. You can find the photos HERE and the Segway Video below. I had a good time, but didn’t have time to really explore too long.

Let’s see….we covered the photos, segway video, more videos, truck in the shop…..oh and so I was making Texas Pecan coffee in the truck with my percolator and all it would do was boil the water but not percolate the coffee! I thought, sure, the blog can break and the truck can break, but NOT my coffee maker! I got it fixed by adjusting the washer at the bottom of the tube that brings hot water up and over the top then drops it down over the coffee:). Whew!

Not sure if I actually covered everything I wanted to about the last few days, but just know I really enjoyed the trip on the backroads. I’m also glad I got several problems solved tonight (blog, truck, percolator, videos, photos, videos) and we will be ready to roll for the next trip – whenever they get us one. Being the weekend, who knows if they have one for us or not.

While we wait for the next trip, why not enjoy the photography, Segway Video, and the Nevada Boonies videos!?

And one last food for thought….!


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