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California Sun ends up missing!

Good Sunday morning from sunny, wait, I mean cloudy California! Droopy looking weather today. Here’s your Sunday video and we will get to trucking North on Interstate 5 shortly!

6 thoughts on “California Sun ends up missing!

  1. Your ride on sunny Saturday was very nice. Little or no buffering and only one stream needed for the 4 hours of drive time. I also enjoyed your stories. Thank you Steve.

  2. Howdy back at ya, Steve!
    Appreciate the shout-out, part 2….. safe travels šŸ˜‰

  3. Steve thanks for the lovely video. I’m sorry you having problems and you don’t need these hassle at all my friend.. I all so enjoy all your trip where delivering to and place I never been too. I hope catch when back on road and I keep an eye on your site to see up running again. Hang in there Steve and special prayer for next trip run smoothly my friend. Thanks again Steve.

  4. Thank you Steve for the great trip today although kind of soggy in parts. Being Iā€™m from California I take special pride when you visit my state. I wanted to ask you a question about when you meet the road crew when your out. And I was thinking about a good way for the road crew members to identify themselves.
    How about in your store you put out a little flag that could be put on our car to fly. With your BRT logo on one side and mash it on the other.they are like the little flags that people put out with there sports teams name and logo on there cars. Maybe you have already thought about it or something like it. I know I would buy one or two. But thought I would just make a suggestion. Anyway thank you again Steve for what you do for us. Your the greatest.
    Ken Smith

  5. Just put a peice of cardboard in your windshield, write “HOWDY Bigrig Steve” on it. If you don’t like to write much, then put “RC”. If you’re both at the same TS, y’all will spot each other. šŸ˜€
    No cash involved.

  6. It seems to me that the hassles, delays, mix-ups must be par for the course. Best thing I ever learned, “Keep your expectations low”. The next best thing, “I’ll have to sleep on it.” (Saved a lot of disappointment with the former and a lot of money with the latter.) Happy trails, BigRigSteve!

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